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Here at team blush, we're all about that age old adage "laughter is the best medicine." We like to encourage you to bring out your inner geek, embrace the weird, and get down with your bad self. We don't do a whole lot of traditional around here. We're all about being a little weird, a little funky, and encouraging you to march to your own beat. OWN that beat, my friend! We like to laugh, we like to have fun, and we LOVE throwing a kick ass party!

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a note about pictures: There are some awesome pictures on this site. Please click on them to take you directly to the photographers website and tell them how great they are (some of them will link directly to the blog of that wedding so you can see more of their work from the same event). To see pictures from other weddings we've been part of, check out our facebook albums here.

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sane event coordination

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